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The Society at a Glance will help you find information about the Society’s main activities

The Society

Charitable Status

Charity number – 276865
All Charities are overseen by the Charity Commission
Charitable Objectives Fund (COF) – funding for research

Responsibilities of Charity Trustees

Gift Aid

Our charity status gives us a tax advantage; we can claim a tax refund from the Inland Revenue for those subscriptions and donations paid out of a member’s taxed income. If you pay at least £5.04 tax a year you can add a massive 25% to the value of your subscription or donation simply by completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form. The declaration form for those first applying to join the Society appears at the end of the Membership Application Form; the form for existing members appears separately.

Our Committee

The Society’s affairs are run by our Trustees meeting as our Executive Committee four times a year. It is supported by a series of sub-committees and working parties to cover our wide range of activities, interests and responsibilities.


The Society operates two safeguarding policies, for Children and for Vulnerable Adults, which are reviewed regularly and updated as required. These can be viewed here.


These are held in March or April each year, usually in Exeter and provide members with an oppportunity to review the past year’s activities with the Executive Committee, for more details, click here.

Our rules

Click here to see our rules.


Application forms and order forms

Useful links 

Links to other bodies related to archaeology, history and heritage.


The Society has premises in Berkeley House, Dix’s Field, Exeter which provide a friendly venue for seminars and indoor training events. These are available for hire by other organisations, click here for more details.
Other buildings frequently-used for events and courses and help to find these can also be found via the same link.