Safeguarding Policies – Children & Vulnerable Adults

1. Introduction

1.1 The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of children who are attending Devon Archaeological Society (“DAS”) events.
1.2 A child is legally defined as anyone under the age of 18.
1.3 The definition of abuse is the violation of an individual’s human rights. It can be a single act or repeated acts. It can be physical, sexual, or emotional. It also includes acts of neglect or an omission to act. In all forms of abuse there are elements of emotional abuse.

2. The Policy

2.1 DAS aims to provide a healthy and safe environment for children at DAS events with an open environment that avoids unobserved secluded locations or situations.
2.2 Any DAS organiser or volunteer at a DAS event, who is likely to be in contact with children, must have a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
The consent of a child’s parents, guardian or teacher must be obtained before a child can participate in an activity at a DAS event.
2.4 Children under 12 should only be admitted into DAS events with an adult, and must be supervised at all times.
2.5 Permission must be obtained from a parent or guardian before a child under 12 is included in a publicity photograph.
2.6 If a DAS organiser thinks that abuse of a child has or may have occurred at a DAS event then they should (i) deal with the immediate needs of the child, seeking medical treatment if required as a matter of urgency; (ii) not discuss the allegation of abuse with the alleged perpetrator; (iii) not disturb or destroy anything that could be used in evidence. Where an assault of some kind is suspected the child should not be washed or bathed unless this is associated with first aid treatment necessary to prevent further harm.
If any situation with a child occurs at a DAS event then the DAS organiser should communicate the situation to the DAS Safeguarding Officer as soon as possible. The DAS Safeguarding Officer will know how to take the matter forward with the appropriate safeguarding agency.
2.8 If there is any allegation about a DAS volunteer then the allegation should be notified to the DAS Safeguarding Officer and the DAS Chair.
2.9 If any situation with a child occurs at a DAS event then the DAS organiser should make, and retain, a written record of the circumstances of the situation.
2.10 If a child suffers an injury at a DAS event then the DAS organiser should carry out first aid with another adult present and/or summon an emergency agency.
2.11 If a child is lost at a DAS event then (i) the DAS organiser will note details of the child (e.g. name, age, height, clothing, where last seen) and will arrange for a calm, thorough search of the location or premises; (ii) the DAS organiser should reassure the parent or guardian of the lost child that a search is underway; (iii) if the missing child is not found then the DAS organiser will contact the Police and notify the DAS Chair; (iiii) the DAS organiser must compile, and retain, a written report of the incident at the first available opportunity.
2.12 If an unattended child is reported to the DAS organiser at an event then the DAS organiser should try and obtain the child’s name etc and make an announcement to the event attendees. The DAS organiser should request the help of another adult to assist with the situation as soon as possible.
2.13 Any serious incident at a DAS event must be reported to the Charity Commission.