Annual General Meetings


DAS holds its Annual General Meetings in March or April each year, usually in Exeter and provide members with an opportunity to review the past year’s activities with the Executive Committee. The event and is also seen as a good opportunity to catch up with fellow members.

From 2019, DAS plans to combine this meeting with the annual Archaeology in Devon conference.

All members receive notification in advance of the AGM of the exact date and meeting agenda.

Refreshments are available and the Society’s publications are on sale, as are second hand books.


In 2017, the AGM resolved that papers for future Annual General Meetings will be circulated electronically unless members choose to have them sent in hard copy. This measure will reduce environmental impact and save the costs of paper, printing and postage.


Papers for the next AGM will be made available in advance of the meeting and a copy will be added to this page or as a download, so that members can obtain a copy directly from this site if preferred.