Charitable Objectives Fund


The Devon Archaeological Society exists to promote and encourage archaeology in the historic County of Devon for the benefit and education of the public. The Society has established a Charitable Objectives Fund to further the Society’s objectives through the support of high quality projects.

(A downloadable version of this information can be found here.)

Who may apply?

Applicants must be Society Members. In the case of applications from representatives of University Departments, local Societies and other relevant organisations, a Society member must be the named applicant, responsible for the execution of the work and accountable for the correct expenditure of the grant.

What types of project will be funded ?

Projects suitable for funding must be essentially research-led. The sorts of project involved could be:

  • field survey
  • building recording
  • excavation
  • post-excavation
  • the provision of specialist archaeological services
  • museum/archive-based research

The Society will not make grants towards:

  • primarily developer-funded projects
  • commercially-motivated projects
  • capital purchases.

It will not make retrospective grants towards expenditure already made.

The money may be used for pump-priming for larger projects, supplementing monies from other grant- giving bodies or as total funding for small, inexpensive pieces of work.

Grants made for the Charitable Objectives Fund are from a charitable institution and should not therefore be subject to overheads exacted by the applicant’s institution.

What size grants may be made?

The Society currently has a total of about £800 p.a. to give in grants. If this total is not used up in any one year the residue will be rolled over to the next year, after which any residue may be absorbed back into capital.

Application Procedure

Application should be made on the Charitable Charitable Objectives Fund Application Form

This should be accompanied by a copy of the full project design and submitted by email or electronic document transfer (e.g., DropBox) to the Secretary of Devon Archaeological Society at to arrive by 5pm on December 31st.

The results of applications will be notified by March 1st, and monies will be made available as soon as required thereafter, on receipt of the payment request form (sent out with successful applications), accepting the terms and conditions of the grant.

Exceptionally, the Society may accept applications at other times of the year. In such cases the total sum available will be that which remains unspent from the main grant round.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Grants must be applied to actual project costs. No part of the grant may be applied to institutional overheads.
  2. Any unspent money must be returned to the Society. Should work be delayed, money may be carried over into a following year/season only with the explicit agreement of the Society.

iii. The grant recipient, must within 2 months of undertaking the work, submit a brief report and financial summary to the Executive Committee.

  1. A short article, suitable for publication in the Society’s Newsletter, should be submitted to the Newsletter editor for inclusion in the January Newsletter following the year for which the grant was made.

How else can the Society help?

Equipment: the Society has available a small amount of survey and excavation equipment available for loan

Publicity: the Society can publicise your project through its Newsletter and Website

Helpers: the Society maintains a list of volunteers – many highly skilled and experienced – who wish to take part in Devon-based field projects. It can also put you in touch with other relevant groups and societies in the area.

Intending applicants are welcome to seek information and advice from an appropriate member of the Executive Committee.