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HYLAND, Ann. Equus: the horse in the Roman world.  Batsford, 1990 ROM



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IRELAND, S. Roman Britain: a sourcebook. Routledge, 1986 ROM/BRI



JACKSON, Gabriel. The making of Medieval Spain.  Thames & Hudson, 1972 MED
JAMES, Edward. Franks. Blackwell, 1998 E/MED
JAMES, Tanya.  Along the wild edge; a journey through the Northern Blackdown Hills.  Neroche Landscape Partnership Scheme, 2011 GEN
JANES, Dominic. Romans and Christians. Tempus, 2002 ROM
JANSSON, Sven B. F.  The runes of Sweden.  Phoenix House, 1962 E/MED
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JENKINS, Simon.  England’s thousand best churches.  Penguin, 2000 ARCH
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