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ALFRED THE GREAT: Asser’s Life of King Alfred and other contemporary sources, translated and edited by Simon Keynes & Michael Lapidge. Penguin, 1983 E/MED
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AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. Later Roman Empire (AD 354-378) selected and translated by Walter Hamilton. Penguin,  1986 ROM
ANCIENT and historic monuments of the Isle of Man.  Manx National Heritage,  1983 PAM
ANDERSON, Anne. Interpreting pottery.  Batsford, 1984 GEN
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ARCHAEOLOGY in Devon Annual Report no. 6 1982-1983.  Devon County Council, November 1983 PAM
ARCHAEOLOGY in Devon Annual Report no. 7 1983-1984.  Devon County Council, June 1984 PAM
ARCHAEOLOGY of the Devon landscape.  Devon County Council, 1980 L/PAM
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AYERS, B. Book of Norwich.  Batsford/English Heritage, 1994 GEN



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BAILEY, Donald M.  Greek and Roman pottery lamps.  British Museum, 1963 ROM
BAILLIE, Mike G. L. Exodus to Arthur.  Catastrophic encounters with comets.  Batsford, 1999 GEN
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BLACK, Jeremy. Georgian Devon. Mint Press, 2003 MISC
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